Old Barn In Winter Acrylic Painting Workshop


Easy to Medium difficulty level
Great for someone looking to see how each stage of an old barn in winter painting is done so they can follow along.

Time: 1am – 6pm
The instructional workshop is 4-5 hours.  Canvas and paints are included in the price.

Coming Dates

Jan. 15th, 2023

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Acrylic Painting Workshop – Old Barn In Winter

Want to learn to paint a winter scene of an old barn?  Come join us and learn the different techniques used to do an acrylic painting of a an old barn in winter from start to finish.  With an easy to medium difficulty level this workshop will be great for someone looking to see how each stage of the painting is done and work alongwith a group.

The cost of the workshop includes a pre-sketched canvas to take the guess work out of drawing the barn so you can focus on the process of how to paint the subject.  Paints for the workshop are also included and we have a wide range of brushes to use during the event.

Examples of Old Barn In Winter Acrylic Painting Workshop

Acrylic Painting Workshops

If you are looking for something to do or want to get back into painting then come join us at Do Art Here for our Old Barn In Winter.  We also do Painting Parties too if you just have a group and want to come paint together.  Contact us about a paint and sip party for girls night or some adulting with friends.  Have a birthday party coming up?  Click here to find out about booking an event with us.

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Our Location & Other Local Businesses

We are located in southeast Michigan right off 223 in downtown Blissfield and are easy to find and get to.  To get details of how to find us click here.  While you are in town stop up the street to Starling Lounge & Four Keys Brewery for your choice of refreshment’s before class.  They serve delicious locally made coffee, teas, and pastries or pick up a growler of one of their amazing beers to go.

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Emmys Kitchen Examples

Also check out Emmy’s Kitchen and get something to eat before or after your workshop.  A blueberry lemon scone is the perfect start to a morning when pair with a great cup of coffee!  Learn more about Emmy’s Kitchen here


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