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Art Workshops at Do Art Here

Acrylic Painting & Other Art Classes

If you like doing art and are looking to get back into it or want to try something new, then check out the different types of workshops that are available at Do Art Here. Our workshops will cover a wide variety of mediums and styles that will be good for the beginner and advanced artisans. Workshops are done in the Do Art Here studio in the Downtown of Blissfield, Michigan conveniently located right off 223 and is easy to get to.

Painting workshops including acrylic, watercolor, and oils and be focused on the process and technique’s needed to paint a specific subject. Basic workshops will include supplies in the price but some may require purchasing specific types of paints and other supplies depending on their skill level. These supplies will be a great way to use the things learned at home to try working on your own artwork. Advanced workshops will have supply lists and will meet for multiple days or nights to get to a finished piece.

Multi-day workshops would be oil painting or other workshops where the paint needs time to dry and cure before the next stage of development. Sometimes art takes a couple sitting to finish it but these are always the best when you finally get the last day and get to see all the hard work come together.

Art Workshops in Southeast Michigan

Other Art Workshops will include pencil drawing, Copic marker rendering, colored pencils, mandala art, die-cutting, balsawood flower sculptures, alcohol inks on glass, spray paint, and mixed mediums. Each workshop will range in number of attendees do to space requirements for a given subject.

The Do Art Here studio is conveniently located in southeast Michigan’s Lenawee county and is a great place to come relax and get creative. Being right off 223 we might be closer than alternatives in the Ann Arbor area or Toledo and Sylvania vicinities. If you want to get creative come check out and Do Art Here!

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