Painting Workshops

Acrylic Painting Workshops

Painting Workshops In Southeast Michigan

Do Art Here Painting Workshops are a great way to learn to paint something new, specific, or just because you have nothing better to do. Each workshop will help teach you the techniques to paint a specific subject matter or it can be a fun time where you’re just out to have fun and do something different. Check back to see what’s available and when sign up starts for new events.

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Acrylic Painting Workshops For All Skill Levels

If you did art in the past and are looking to get back into painting then our acrylic workshops are great to get you back in front of and easel again. Each workshop is developed to be a hands on learning experience where you can follow along in a group atmosphere. Our workshops are for all ages and all skill levels but if you would like to learn some techniques in a class first then click here to learn about our acrylic painting classes.

If you have never painted but think you wanted to try then come and try your best and you just may surprise yourself with how it turns out. If you approach a piece of art as an exercise or experiment where it could go wrong than you will have fun and won’t worry about how it turns out and just enjoy the process of creating. So if you see something in the workshop releases that looks fun then sign up and come Do Art Here!