Do Art Here

Art Gallery & Creative Studio

Located in the historic downtown of Blissfield Michigan, Do Art Here™ is combining art gallery and creative studio to create a relaxed and open to art space. Featuring local artist’s and more to come, the Random Artisan Gallery will always have something new and interesting for the community to check out.

Want to get creative? Check out the range of classes to choose from including acrylics, watercolors, and more. If want to have a group art event like a birthday party, then contact us to schedule your event today!

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Come see the newest art on display on the walls of Do Art Here™. Art on display is from local and regional artist. If you are interested in displaying your art contact us about the next availability.

Art Studio

Art studio space is available for local artist looking for a space to be creative. Come by also to see the current artwork in the studio of the founder and owner Barrett Dvorsky.

Acrylic Paints

Art Parties

Want to have a fun night out with friends? Come as a group and paint together. We do birthdays, company events, and more so contact us to talk about details for your up and coming event.

Art Classes

Want to learn a new art medium?  Then Do Art Here™ is the place. Click here to learn about the different classes and when they are happening.

Art Events

There will be events in the gallery and studio from time to time. Learn about how to sign up for our mailing list here.

Workshops For The Coming Months

If you want come either learn to paint something or are looking for something fun and creative than check out our range of up and coming workshops. Tickets can be purchased online for available spaces and walk ins are welcome if space are open.

Checkout What Is Going On In The Studio & More On YouTube

A Random Artisan YouTube Channel Banner

See progress videos and a variety of other things on A Random Artisan YouTube Channel. Take a look at some of the project videos for different paintings, woodworking/furniture builds, and other adventures of just how random my art is. I work in a wide range of mediums and have done a lot in the past that I am looking to bring back. So if you like watching things come together than take a look and subscribe. A Random Artisan