Holiday Workshops

Holiday Workshop Examples

If you like to make your own holiday decorations or gifts than we have the crafting workshops for you. Checkout one of our unique holiday crafting workshops to make something fun and amazing. Each event you get all the supplies to create your own personalized ornament or stand up holiday decoration. Each season we add new stuff to the line up and bring back the stuff you loved.

Choose from glass globe ornaments with alcohol inks, clip on Christmas tree ornaments, or stand up pinecone ballerina dancers. During the month of December glass globes workshops are bookable at the shop or over the phone. Call to book a time for up to five people call Do Art Here and make four colorful glass globe ornaments.

We also have premade ornaments coming soon to online!

Glass Globes with Alcohol Inks

Come and make some easy ornaments that will be the highlight of the tree this year. Great for couples and groups up to five people.

Pinecone Dancer Ornaments

These adorable pinecone ballerina dancers clip on ornaments are great for the tree or a range of other places around the house.

Pinecone Ballerina Decorations

Create make something truly special are our pinecone ballerina workshop. Balanced on their snow topped base these dancers defy gravity just like real dancers.

Holiday Craft Workshops at Do Art Here